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Arizona Cannabis Regulatory Bodies & Laws

  • AZ Medical Marijuana: Arizona Department of Health Services for Medical Marijuana
  • Medical Cannabis Laws: Rules & statutes on this page.

2019 Marijuana Packaging Law Updates

Arizona’s medical marijuana industry has grown into a multimillion dollar industry following the legalization of marijuana in the state best known for the Grand Canyon.

Although medical marijuana has been legalized for almost 10 years in Arizona, there is still some confusion on labeling and packaging requirements as the regulations governing Arizona’s packaging laws are somewhat incomplete. The information below provides some guidance on Arizona’s current laws.

The guide governing Arizona’s packaging law is known as R9-17-317

R9-17-317 (Product Labeling and Analysis)

  • A label must contain the dispensary’s registry identification number
  • The amount, strain and batch number of the medical marijuana
  • The following statement: “ARIZONA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH SERVICES” WARNING: “Marijuana use can be addictive and can impair an individual’s ability to drive a motor vehicle or operate heavy machinery. Marijuana smoke contains carcinogens and can lead to an increased risk for cancer, tachycardia, hypertension, heart attack, and lung infection. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN”
  • If the cannabis was NOT cultivated by the dispensary providing the cannabis, the label must state whether the medical marijuana was obtained from a qualified patient, a designated caregiver or another dispensary
  • The date of manufacture, harvest or sale
  • A list of all chemical additives
  • A list of all nonorganic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers used in cultivation and production of the medical marijuana
  • The registry identification number of the qualifying patient purchasing the cannabis

Edible Marijuana Product Labeling

If medical marijuana is provided as part of the an edible food product, the label must include the total weight of the edible food product.

2018 Marijuana Packaging Law Updates

The Grand Canyon State has a controversial history with cannabis, voting back and forth to legalize and then re-criminalize medical cannabis during the 1990s and early 2000s. One of the major problems with those early Arizona cannabis laws was wording that clashed with federal laws. This battle to legalize cannabis for medical purposes was waged from 1996 to up until Arizona Proposition 203 barely passed with just over 50 percent of the vote.

An Arizona attorney has been leading a strong opposition to medical cannabis laws, challenging every statute right after it was voted in. Despite his efforts, medical marijuana remains legal in Arizona, regulated by the Arizona Department of Health Services. In 2016, Arizona tried to legalize cannabis for recreational use as well, but it was narrowly defeated. This means that their status with cannabis is still medical.

It’s taken several years for the AZ DHS to refine all their laws, but now they have a solid system for helping patients find relief with medical marijuana. The Grand Canyon State has a medical marijuana program consisting of registered dispensaries who must be not-for-profit, approved cultivators of medical cannabis, physicians who can give out prescriptions for medical cannabis, and registered patients with an approved medical condition.

While refining medical cannabis statues, Arizona lawmakers also created regulations regarding how medical cannabis products can be sold in these non-profit dispensaries. While the Arizona a specific label for medical marijuana products, their rules require clear labeling of weight, potency, and origin.

2017 Marijuana Packaging Law Updates

The Grand Canyon State is one of the most lenient in the actual text of their medical marijuana sale regulations, as they only require cannabis businesses to package their products in child-resistant packaging. Yep, that’s it! There are no specifications on what kind of childproofing these packages must have, so medical marijuana businesses have a lot to choose from. In our research, we couldn’t find any labeling requirements, but remember that cannabis laws are constantly changing.

Arizona is a state where businesses can go ahead and provide secure, child-resistant packaging that follows stricter rules and rest assured that they’re in compliance now and in the future. If you add the THC dosages and other information to labels, you’ll be ahead of the game as the state develops their cannabis laws. Many AZ regulations are concerned with dispensary and patient licensing, so cannabis businesses should focus on those regulations.

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