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2018 Marijuana Packaging Laws Update


Medical cannabis has had a strange history in the Peach State, with some early legislation that never got implemented. Just after the rash of decriminalization laws in other states during the late 1970s, Georgia followed suit by passing law named after a widow, Mona Taft. She pushed for legalization of cannabis for cancer patients because it had brought her husband relief before his death. This 1980 Georgia bill promised to allow patients with terminal diseases access to cannabis for relief for terminal diseases.

Mona Taft’s bill was hailed as a compassionate change at the time, but subsequent Georgia governors failed to fund a medical cannabis program. Cannabis in raw plant form is still illegal in the Peach State. Possession laws are some of the strictest in the nation, with less than one ounce being punishable by a misdemeanor and a fine, but then possession of over an ounce and every other cannabis crime punishable by a felony charge.

Georgia’s Medical Cannabis Oil Laws

Georgia lawmakers recognized the medical benefits of cannabis, but also recognized that THC is responsible for the “high” in cannabis.The 2015 Haleigh’s Hope Act legalized low percentage (under 5%) THC, high percentage CBD oil for patients with certain conditions with the list lengthened a year later.

Georgia runs its Medical Low THC Oil Program just like a medical cannabis program, with a patient registry and qualifying medical conditions. Patients can apply directly for a card, or a caregiver can apply for someone under 18, so parents can help children with seizure disorders. In Georgia, patients are eligible for a Low THC Oil Card for seizure disorders, autoimmune diseases, and terminal diseases or hospice care.

Retail CBD Oil Rules

In Georgia CBD Oil must be sold “in a pharmaceutical container, and the label must clearly state the percentage of THC,” according to Haleigh’s Hope Act. Patients in the Peach State can have less than 20 fl. oz. of “medical marijuana oil” that can only contain up to 5% THC. Georgia doesn’t dispense oil, so cannabis businesses can market their CBD hemp oil in the state.

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