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Legalization Status

Marijuana (2)

Decriminalized since 1976

Medical Marijuana (1)

Medical since 1999

Coffee Shop (1)

Recreational since 2016

Maine State Governing Body Information


2019 Marijuana Packaging Laws Update

Marijuana-infused products

  • List and record levels of THC (Rule 34)
  • List tag identification (tag identification should much cultivation facility’s ID of specific plant or product)
  • Name and complete address where marijuana is process or packaged
  • Name of the marijuana-infused product
  • Ingredients of marijuana-infused product in order of highest weight to lowest weight
  • Net weight of product
  • Net volume of product

Edible Marijuana Labels Requirements

Maine defines eligible marijuana products as products that contain marijuana that are consumed rather than inhaled.

Labels must list:

  • Comply with the (Federal) Poison Protection Act
  • List all allergens
  • List all nutritional information comprehensively, accurately, and completely
  • Labels must contain the following statement in size 11 font:
    • “product made in marijuana facility” (in font that is contrasted with packaging color. For instance, white packaging with black font would be encouraged)
  • Packaging must not appeal to individuals under the age of 17. “Appeal” means the packaging must not contain colors, shapes, or packages that appeal to minors such as colorful designs or imagery, cartoons, toys, or caricatures
  • Packaging cannot be confused with commercially sold candy
  • Using the words “candy”, “candies” or variant of the term (ie: “candies”) is prohibited
  • Products must be placed in child-resistant packages

Misleading and Misbranded Packaging

  • Labels should not be false or misleading
  • Labels for marijuana or marijuana-based products cannot use names that are prohibited in regular commerce

Commercially-available Food Label Prohibitions

  • Labels cannot use commercially-available food labels

What else must a label contain?

Labels must contain:

  • The name and place of the business (or enough information to sufficiently identify the manufacturer, packer or distributor)

2018 Marijuana Packaging Laws Update

Maine’s journey of legalizing cannabis started in the early 20th century with banning the use of marijuana. However, in 1976 Maine became the third state to decriminalize the possession of cannabis in small amounts. It took over thirty years for Maine’s citizens to settle the question of allowing cannabis for medical use in the state. With the passage of more laws, medical marijuana was legalized in 1999 in the Pine Tree State, but lack of planning for a proper medical cannabis program meant the plant was essentially still illegal except for small amounts.

Ten years after the bill’s passage, Maine revisited the decriminalization of marijuana. and the governor signed legislation saying that possessing less than 2.5 ounces is a civil infraction. So it stayed for a few years until the groundswell of support for medical cannabis in the 2016 Presidential Election. During that election, Maine voters passed the Marijuana Legalization Act, which allows all adults to legally grow and have small amounts of cannabis in the state. This act also permits the sale of cannabis from licensed commercial production and retail locations.

While state-licensed dispensaries sell medical marijuana currently, individuals are also allowed to grow their own cannabis. Adults in Maine are allowed six mature plants, 12 immature plants, and an unlimited amount of seedlings. The plants cannot be visible to others, and those under 21 can’t have access to the growing area. Also, Maine requires each plant to be labeled with your name and an identification number. Smoking marijuana and driving is illegal, and those that use marijuana aren’t allowed to purchase guns.

2017 Marijuana Packaging Laws Update

The Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program (MMMP) is the governing body that decides all the rules and regulations about the sale, labeling, and packaging of medical cannabis. The exact rules for labeling and packaging cannabis aren’t just based on food and drug safety laws. In Maine, cannabis products are literally still under these rules and regulations, found in Title 22, 2157 Maine’s Regulations for Food and Drug Labeling. These rules ask that medical cannabis businesses label their products clearly with all ingredients and possible allergens.

Further rules on the sale of medical cannabis products in the state can be found in the Rules Governing the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program. A part of this law refers back to the laws on food labeling as well:

“6.14 Packaging and labeling.

The labels on prepared marijuana and goods containing marijuana that are sold by dispensaries and caregivers are used as evidence of compliance with the law that limits possession and dispensing to 2.5 ounces of prepared marijuana per qualifying patient. The packaging and labeling of prepared marijuana and marijuana products for sale by registered dispensaries and caregivers must comply with applicable State labeling laws. See 22 M.R.S.A. §2157.”

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