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2019 Marijuana Packaging Laws Update

Although Montana has made changes to its marijuana legislation in 2017 and 2018, the state is still in the process of making greater amendments to its medical marijuana program.

Accordingly, some of the (limited) information on Montana’s marijuana packaging and labelling requirements are found here:

  • The concentrations by weight or volume of THC, THC acids, CBD and CBD acids must be indicated on the label
  • The label must not be attractive to minors. This means that labels must not contain cartoons, designs or brands that resemble non-cannabis commercial products that is typically marketed to minors
  • Packages must not contain symbols or celebrities that are typically used to market to minors
  • Packages must not contain images of minors
  • Labels and packages must not contain words that are associated with or marketed to minors

Other than the limited information provided above, Montana does not have any other current labeling or packaging requirements.

2018 Marijuana Packaging Laws Update

The Treasure State has always been home to free spirits and people who value freedom and self-reliance, so it’s no surprise that they have joined other American states in legalizing cannabis to help patients with debilitating, painful, and terminal illnesses. In 2004, they passed by 60% of the vote the Montana Medical Marijuana Act, allowing for patients with nine types of diseases to access cannabis to relieve their symptoms.

Even though Montana allows patients to have cannabis for medical purposes, there are ways to get on the wrong side of the law. Laws are somewhat lax in that they allow up to two ounces (unlike the standard one ounce) possession for personal use, but every other cannabis offence in Montana, including cultivation, distribution, trafficking, as well as public use can be met with a felony offense and jail time.

Medical Cannabis Laws in Montana

In 2007, the Montana Medical Marijuana Act established the first rules for medical cannabis use, distribution, and prescription in the Treasure State. The Montana Medical Marijuana Program consists of patients with certain approved diseases, caregivers who provide to no more than two patients, and licensed providers of cannabis. More laws were passed during the national elections in 2016 and again during local elections in 2017 that further refined laws regarding dispensaries in Montana.

Retail Cannabis Business Rules for Montana

The Montana MMP is still refining the laws regarding potency and purity testing, security, tracking, and taxation information; however, they are taking applications for dispensaries and have recently relaxed laws, removing the requirement of state residency for providers and allowing for providers to own more than one cannabis dispensary. So far, specific packaging laws are not in effect, but it’s always a good idea to sell any medical cannabis product in a light and scent proof container with child safety features. The only labeling requirements so far are a label stating whether or not the product was tested by the state’s testing agency.

2017 Marijuana Packaging Laws Update

The Montana Medical Marijuana Program does not provide specific regulations for packaging legal cannabis products for sale in the state, but they should by 2018. Their website provides more information on how to register in the state. If you register to be a legal marijuana dispensary in Montana, it’s a good idea to have a plan for how you’ll provide secure packaging for your products to include with your application. Having safety features like plastic bag locks in mind when you apply is best.

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