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2018 Marijuana Packaging Laws Update


The Granite State is one of the more strict in their laws related to cannabis, only joining more liberal New England states like Vermont in legalization in the 2000s. Though they were historically following the federal rules for marijuana, the legislature acknowledged the medical benefits for certain conditions while cannabis legalization was in debate. Public opinion and the Presidential Elections of November 2016 brought more changes with the introduction of HB 656. This House Bill seeks to relax laws surrounding cannabis to allow for possession of 20 grams or less, as well as other legalization procedures, though some existing criminal laws would remain.

While lawmakers debate levels of legalization that the state can tolerate, the laws as they stand are very close to federal guidelines for marijuana. Possession of the state-set limit of three quarters of an ounce (around 20 grams) subjects an adult 21 or over to a civil fine. More than that, you get a misdemeanor, but all charges involving distribution or selling still incur felony consequences.

Medical Cannabis Laws in New Hampshire

New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services oversees the Granite State’s Therapeutic Cannabis Program, which is primarily concerned with registering medical marijuana cardholders (patients only) as well as keeping records of all the evolving laws, statutes, and proposals surrounding medical cannabis in the state. On one hand, their program is very strict, allowing only a handful of dispensaries to operate in the state. However, they are also lenient in that they have the longest list of qualifying conditions for medical cannabis use, including even somewhat rare diseases like “chemotherapy induced anorexia” and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

Retail Cannabis Business Rules for New Hampshire

All of these strict laws may seem disappointing to eager new cannabis product businesses wishing to open dispensaries in New Hampshire. Don’t give up hope, however, because this new legislation currently making the rounds of lawmakers could possibly open up the Granite State to new opportunities for retail cannabis. The state does require applicants for dispensary licenses to show a plan for how they will safely package and accurately label their products.

2017 Marijuana Packaging Laws Update


The Granite State has minimal regulations for the packaging of medical cannabis and related products, as they’re growing the medical marijuana program that was established by New Hampshire House Bill 573. So far, they require new cannabis businesses in New Hampshire to provide the Therapeutic Cannabis Program with a plan for how they’ll label and package their products to provide safety for NH residents. Applicants for the program must also show how that

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